SharePoint Designer 2013

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Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2013 provides a code-free environment to access data types and build custom SharePoint applications. It allows rapid development of SharePoint workflows to meet a company's specific needs and integrate the workflow with Visio® 2013 to easily manipulate workflow shapes. In this course, you will integrate data sources, customize data types, and author workflows in SharePoint Designer 2013 to model structured business processes without code. Call 1-866-727-4648 to reserve a seat or schedule a dedicated session. 
Upon successful completion of this course, existing SharePoint site users will be able to:
The following is a detailed list of topics covered in this course:

Navigating SharePoint Designer 2013

  • Introduction to SharePoint Designer
  • Get Help and Support for SharePoint Designer

Customizing and Implementing Content Types

  • Customize Content Types
  • Implement Custom Content Types

Integrating Data Sources Using SharePoint Designer

  • Access Data Sources
  • Modify a Data Source in Data View


Creating Workflows with the Workflow Platform

  • Implement the Workflow Platform
  • Design a Workflow

Creating Workflows with SharePoint & Visio

  • Design Workflows with Visio 2013
  • Transfer a Visio Workflow Design to SharePoint Designer

Publish a Visio Workflow Design 

  • Packaging and Deploying Workflows
  • Package Workflows
  • Deploy Workflow Packages