Portfolio Management using Microsoft Project Server


Learn the integrated tools for demand management and portfolio selection that will assist organizations in selecting projects that are aligned with the organization's strategic goals. The goal of this course is to provide Proposal Submitters, Portfolio Managers and Project Management Office staff with an understanding of the components that enable the demand management functionality of Project Server 2010/2013.  This includes collecting the new proposed project information from proposal submitters and analyzing which of those proposals are recommended for approval based on contribution to strategic business drivers and taking into consideration organizational cost and/or resource constraints.  
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The following is a detailed list of topics covered in this course:

 Submitting Proposals

  • Introduction to Demand Management
  • Stepping through Project Lifecycle
  • Working with Enterprise Project Types
  • Gathering Proposal Details
  • Estimating Proposal Cost
  • Identifying Resource Demands
  • Evaluating the Contribution to Business Drivers

Defining Portfolio Strategy

  • Customizing Business Drivers
  • Prioritizing Drivers
  • Understanding Cost Constraint Variables
  • Defining Resource Roles for Demand Analysis

 Performing a Portfolio Analysis

  • General Portfolio Settings
  • Resource Demand Analysis
  • Forcing Projects In/Out
  • The Efficient Frontier and Strategic Alignment

Analyzing Scenarios

  • Comparing Portfolio Scenarios
  • Resource Analysis Scenario
  • Cost Analysis Scenario
  • Calculating Resource Requirements
  • Deficit and Surplus Report
  • Hired Resources Report
  • Committing a Scenario