Business Intelligence Reporting



This course will give participants a base knowledge on the data sources and reporting tools available to build reports and dashboards on Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management solution. Learn how to define connections to access the data, build pivot reports in Excel and publish them back to the Project Web App site. Participants will also learn how to create Performance Point content, such as a KPIs and scorecards and combine multiple reports onto a dashboard page. Participants will extend their knowledge on building reports off the Project Server Reporting database using Excel with the add-ons PowerView and PowerPivot.  Participants will also learn more advanced techniques to building dashboards using Performance Point Dashboard Designer. 

The following is a detailed list of topics covered in this course:  Sample Dashboards you will learn how to build after taking our BI Reporting series.

Preparing for BI Reporting

  • Overview to BI Reporting

  • Accessing data for Reporting

  • Project Server reporting data structures

  • Modify Sample Reports

  • Using Report Templates

Building Basic Pivot tables & charts 

  • Excel Reporting Services for SharePoint

  • Creating a Data Connection in Excel

  • Creating Pivot tables

  • Creating Pivot charts

  • Conditional formatting

  • Filters and report slicers

  • Publishing Reports to SharePoint 

Data Sources & Connections

  • Define multiple connections in one report
  • Add calculated fields to the OLAP database
  • Build a PowerView data model
  • Export and modify an ODC file


Performance Point Dashboard Designer

  • Working in Dashboard Designer

  • Creating a data connections

  • Creating KPIs

  • Creating PerformancePoint Scorecards

  • Importing Excel Reports

  • Creating and Publishing Dashboards

Advanced Excel Reporting

  • Using PowerPivot for reports
  • Setting pivot field attributes
  • Adding formulas in a report
  • Linking multiple pivot reports to a slicer
  • Publish multiple pivot reports from one file

More on Dashboard Designer

  • Create Analytic drill-down reports
  • Import Excel reports into Performance Point
  • Review Performance Point KPIs & Scorecards
  • Build custom page layouts for dashboards
  • Creating filters for dashboards
  • Customizing Dashboard page layouts