Beyond Basics: Using Project Professional & Project Online

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The goal of this two day, instructor-led course is to provide program managers, project managers, project schedulers the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively to create, update & maintain projects using Microsoft Project in a Project Server or Project Online environment. Project Managers are taught how to create project plans and publish the plans to the server environment enabling them to collaborate with Team Members using Project Web App (PWA) and maintain their project documents, issues, risks and track key deliverables within Project Server. 

The following is a detailed list of topics covered in this course:

Using Project in a Server Environment

  • The Project Server Environment
  • Connecting to Project Server
  • Working with Server Views
  • Using Enterprise Templates
  • Changing Project Information
  • Viewing the Project Calendar
  • Saving and Publishing a Project

Creating a Project Schedule

  • Opening Enterprise Projects
  • Checking In a Project
  • Best Practices for Task Scheduling
  • Setting Task Dependencies
  • When to use Constraints and Deadlines
  • Marking Deliverables
  • Best Practices for Setting Baselines

Managing a Resource Team

  • Understanding Resource Types
  • Adding Local Work Resources
  • Adding Enterprise Resources to a Team
  • Working with Enterprise Cost Resources
  • Assigning Resources and Viewing Assignment data
  • Viewing Resource Workloads across Multiple Projects
  • Assigning a Status Manager to Collaborate with Team Resources
  • Publishing Resource Assignments

Viewing Enterprise Data & Reports

  • Viewing Projects on the Server
  • Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping Projects
  • Viewing Resources on the Server
  • Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping Resources
  • Viewing Resource Availability

Managing Projects in Project Web App (PWA)

  • Initiating a new Project from PWA
  • Adding and Editing Tasks
  • Viewing a Project Timeline
  • Creating a Resource Plan
  • Granting Project Permissions
  • Closing Tasks from Updates
  • Entering and Editing Issues and Risks
  • Uploading Documents to Project Site

Using Project Web App for Task Updates

  • Viewing Task assignments in PWA
  • Reporting Task Progress
  • Removing Tasks or Reassigning Work
  • Adding a Task or Assignment
  • The Timesheet Approval Process
  • Adding Administrative Tasks
  • Adding Tasks to the Timesheet
  • Submitting Timesheet Hours
  • Recalling and Deleting a Timesheet

Managing Project Updates

  • Reviewing Updates in the Approval Center
  • Understanding the Update Types
  • The Impact of Updates on the Schedule
  • Viewing Progress on Assignments
  • Replacing Resource Assignments
  • Comparing Schedule Changes to Baseline
  • Inactivating Tasks
  • Closing out Task Assignments

Reporting Project Progress

  • Using MS Project to create a Report
  • Viewing Dashboards in MS Project
  • Sharing and Distributing Reports